Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RGB support for google.maps.Polyline strokeColor gone?

Suddenly our sites stopped showing some of the polylines drawn on google maps components. I spent half a day debugging and then noticed that the ones that were missing used rgb value for setting the stroke color for the polyline, like so:

  var color = "rgb(" + rgb[0] + "," + rgb[1] + "," + rgb[2] + ")";
  return new google.maps.Polyline({

      path: path,
      geodesic: true,
      strokeColor: color,
      strokeOpacity: 1.0,
      strokeWeight: 2

However, as of now (4/13/2011) this doesn't work anymore. I couldn't find anything official about this from google's docs. If somebody has any details on this, comments are welcome.

For the curious: the reason for this was that the polyline had a fading color, so that the end of the polyline was darker than the beginning.

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