Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Using oracle instant_client from Python on Ubuntu

I do a lot of Python development in different environments. Ubuntu is one of them. Oracle is not the easiest beast to deal with but the instant_client and cx_Oracle make it tolerable. The way I usually set this up is to do following:

  1. download instant_client basic lite and instant client sdk from oracle
  2. unzip both into same dir (e.g. /home/jedi/instant_client)
  3. export ORACLE_HOME=/home/jedi/instant_client
  5. cd $ORACLE_HOME
  6. ln -s  (replace with your version number)
  7. sudo apt-get install python-dev python-setuptools libaio-dev
  8. sudo -E easy_install cx_Oracle
This should do it. You can test it with:

$> python

>>> import cx_Oracle
>>> conn = cx_Oracle.connect("username/password@//")
>>> crsr = conn.cursor()
>>> crsr.execute("select * from mytable")
>>> for row in crsr: print repr(row)  # hit enter twice

>>> crsr.close()
>>> conn.close()
>>> quit()

Credits where credit's due:  Catherine's howto for XE

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